Another KTM EXC.

First 520 then 525 and now 530 :stuck_out_tongue:






wtf! you sold the 525 or are being greedy and having 2 ktms?

did you sel to your mate? has he sold the gixer? hehe

Very nice fella … hooligan-licious :smiley:

Once I live somewhere with a garage … learn one end of a spanner from the other … and grow my inseam by another 4/5 inches :doze: :wink: :laugh:

Yes, my heart won with my head and sold 525 to get 530 :smiley:

Only did few rides but its setup properly and feels great.

Very nice!!

wow that really is lovely,one of the best designed bikes of all time.

can you jump over stuff?

i knew you’d want it once i showed ya it:D very nice mariusz and looks like i might have the bike ready for weekend:)here is some i took on phone :slight_smile:








Looks much better dirty :smiley:





I wish people would stop giving me very good reasons not to buy one of these!!!

get what ever bike makes you happy dude:)

Well, I don’t really knwo what will… big service bills, poor distance riding and increased likely hood of theft make me think this wouldnt make me happy, but then… it is really gorgeous! Maybe it will have to be a second bike once I make my millions.

here you go dude you could ride this on L’s :wink:

if you guys go out this weekend let me know i my come up…

i have to put my KTM up for sale soon so would be nice to have a spin out … sob…

if i had l’s thats what id be riding dr p but then its not worth swaping now youll have your 33bhp soon enough

Yeah, I don’t plan on buying another 125 if I can help it :smiley:

Gonna do my DAS by April if money goes right :smiley:

Might keep the 125 a little longer since I have insured it and all heh.

I rarely do trips over 25 miles, so I’m still tempted to get a supermoto :smiley:

i’d still have a 125 anytime:cool:

Sweet looking bike Marek!!!

I want a 525! :frowning:
Know anywhere I can get one on the HP? hehe

You realy have got the bug aint ya… I have to say it does look rather sweet. Dont think i could get rid of my 525 for a newer one though, not unless i came into alot of money so i could afford to bling it up :smiley:

If you’re worried about service bills etc, get one of these:

or these:

Off course, not as sexy as the KTMs or Huskys etc, but I bet either will be loads of fun as a first bike.
Take one out for a test anyway.

And if you doubt fun can be had on an XT or DRZ, check these out:

XT vs DRZ vs LC4 640
XT on track
XT Stunting
DRZ jump