Another Insurance Question

I have a 2004 CBR600f with 36,000 miles on the clock.

My best quotes have been for TPFT £265 (Total Excess 400)

and Full Comp - £442.09 (Total excess £500)

Ive been riding for one year now, and had TPFT because of how much it was for fully comp. Im still skint but suppose I could afford the 442.09.

Should I get fully comp or go with tpft?

Depends on whether you value your bike and whether you can replace it yourself if you stack it on a corner etc. I was TPFT on my Ninja when I first bought her in Aug 2007 because I couldn’t afford FC. I was nervous riding her though in case I wrote her off, so in the December I upgraded to FC, it was £250 cheaper because of the time of year.

The quote you got isn’t bad to be honest…I’ve seen a lot worse.

If you can get away with not using your bike for a couple of months, keep it locked up in a garage and pay for temporary insurance at TPFT. Then when you get to December get another quote, you’ll notice a big drop.