Another Hello

I known about this site for a while and finally decided to join up. Based in West London, occasionally found lurking up at the Ace and easily spotted as the slowest rider on a Fazer 600. So if you have a ever cursed the Fazer going slowly down the A40 then you can start celebrating as I have just changed jobs and will now be the slowest rider down the M4 bus lane . Meanwhile the drinks are on me…

Hello and Welcome BikerBeth I’ll have a rum and coke and look out for the big stick HAHA

welcome to lb…!

welcome beth

Hey Beth, welcome to LB! Hope to see you at our meets!

Hi beth and welcome to the LBs, maybe meet you at the next newbie meet


Hi Beth and welcome to LB. Why not post a pic of your ride in the Pics and Vids section and as Ian said… hopefully we will see you at the next newbie meet.

Hello and Welcome …yayyyy another from the West

Welcome, BikerBeth. Next newbie meet 6th Nov at Ace, hope to see you there. In the meantime, get hold of some arnica cream cos once Da Artist and AbbeyJ get you with the newbie stick you’ll need it!

Welcome Beth! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Were running a lil slow this week… oh well thats just life Welcome to LB

Poke, poke SLAP with the carbon fiber newbie stick what the hell have a few more poke, poke, poke


Thanks for the welcome. Am starting new job and not sure of hours whilst ‘I am being trained’ but will try and make it to the Ace on the 6th

welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick!!



welcome to the site Beth

A warm welcome

welcome Beth