another good reason to get a tracker

I think there needs to be comparable competition and then the prices will come down.

Some of the costs probably come from a having radio licence as the Tracker uses a VHF band.

I thought £475 was reasonable… For the benefit of oldguy… that was for the tracker system AND acumen alarm AND fitting at my home address… :slight_smile:

So it could be worth the extra cost on a new bike but not so much on an older one ? £450 seems a lot to me as mines an old bike still worth a few quid though, as afro says if more companies got involved perhaps the price would come down.

I would if my bike was worth more. Def will get one if i got a new bike:D

Aren’t you missing my point though?
The technology may have been installed into police vehicles but if they haven’t got the time to use it (which seems to be the consensus) what use is that?
Therefore, surely there’s an opening for someone to offer that privately?