another good reason to get a tracker

Last nigth MET police picked up tracker activation and recovered not only a Ducati moster RS S4 within 12hrs, undamaged. it was alarmed and immobilser fitted and the thieves got round those but never got the tracker but also a suzuki dz 400 (without tracker) hiden in the same place, both bikes returned to their loving owners !!!

thanks also to City Police for their help.

serioulsy good piece of kit, if my bike was worth pinching id seriuosly get one !!!

Police and tracker 2 - Thieves 0

Excellent work, i trust the scum bags have been severely told off and told to never do it again :stuck_out_tongue:

there is some hope afterall :slight_smile:

Stealing motorbikes should be penalised by painful slow death. But dont start me…

Or just almax your bike to another one you know is fitted with a tracker. :slight_smile:

A Tracker (Network UK) I fitted to an LB’ers bike not only got the bike back, it returned six other stolen (non tracked) bikes to there owners along with one arrest and a firearm off the street.

It’s worth thinking about having yours done.

What sort of price are trackers Charly?

Daytonapaul… I had a traker and acumen 1.1 alarm fitted to my bike for £475… that included 1 year subscription to Tracker…


£475 is dearer than Gap insurance. What’s the point?

Most of the time the police can’t be ar*ed to put effort into bike thefts because they are “low value”.

Going to have to have been a quiet day before theycan be bothered to look for a 5/8K (?) bike when another £50K car gets stolen.

yeh thats why we didnt bother finding these bikes !!!

A pretty rare event given you own statistics.

They don’t put the effort into tracking a non Tracker equpped bike because basically, you can dismantle a bike in minutes and have the parts on ebay within a couple of hours.

But they do track any vehicle fitted with a Tracker. That includes bikes.

I got my R1 back just over 24 hours after it was stolen, and many others with Tracker can vouch for this.

Insurance is ok to get (some) of your vehicle’s value back in the short term, but unless you decide not to get another for 4 years, the insurance company will get that money plus more out of you for something that wasn’t your fault.

So you become a victim of crime and of the insurance company.

If a bike is stolen without tracker, the police will not be inclined to hunt around for it and the only way they are likely to find it is if they are lucky enough to come across it while out and about. If the police are on patrol and they pick up tracker signal they are more willing to persue the stolen vehicle. This is because they treat it as a “crime in progress”, (as opposed to one that has already happened and the scumbags have long gone!). Basically if you pick up a signal you are pretty much guaranteed a result, recovering stolen goods and maybe even catching someone in the process.

NCD? Trackers keep this in tact!

My thoughts on this - isn’t there an opportunity here for someone?
Invest in the tracking technology and offer your services both privately and to the insurers themselves (and the tracker companies also). The police don’t have the resources to spend dedicated time doing the tracking so therefore someone who is able to look 24/7 for an activated tracker would surely be in big demand.
Locate the bike and then call the police. (As tempting as it would be to go in, iron bar flailing.)

(I’ll only ask for a small percentage for the idea btw)

LOL! Fella, look at the service offered by Tracker networks UK. They supply and fit the Tracking equipment into a percentage of all 52 UK Police Forces vehicles including Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters… This equipment is always on and does not require activating. Only the Tracker fitted to the bike (or any vehicle) needs to be activated. Nice idea…but very much in use… :wink:

DaytonaPual: As badly as my last post seems like a very, very shameless plug…I no longer fit Trackers, although I have done so in the past. I still fit Alarms and immobilizers…(That was a shameless plug) :wink:

O.K. Maybe I didn’t think this through quite as well as I should, but I’m still not convinced it’s worth the money having done that.

Yup, I’m still being penalised for having the stupidity for having my bike stolen, both on my bike and car insurances. Over the last three years that has added up to a bit shy of £120 but then I live in a low risk area, balanced by working in a stupidly high risk area. Two more years, say another £50-£70, and I’m clear of this and £275 in pocket. If I’d had Gap insurance, about £150 in pocket.

My stolen bike was fitted with DataTag and Smartwater marked. The split off disk lock had greasy finger prints all over it. Not mine. I had to explain “DataTag and Smartwater” to Woolwich nick. They could not even be ar*ed to take the disk lock for forensics.

May be Trackers work. Woolwich nick don’t. I’m still not going to be ripped off £450 for a few quids worth of mobile phone technology.

It’s cheaper for me to be yet another crime victim. Easily done living in an area where the local nick “don’t do night shifts”.

I had two bikes stolen within 18 months each other…I don’t see that as being my fault and I’m not able to move to a ‘nicer’ area because I fear for my bike’s safety…And living in a less desirable location in London at the time shouldn’t have precluded me from having a decent bike…

So two bikes nicked…Both without Tracker…By your calculations, that would be £550 extra to insurance companies, not counting the time cost in sorting everything out and getting another bike…If another bike got nicked, I would be uninsurable or be £800 down.

Anyway…I claimed on both…It was only within the last year that my insurance came down to an acceptable level…And I’m not that young anymore so the cost wasn’t based on possible risk due to being young, dumb, and crash prone etc it was purely because of the thefts which weren’t my fault…yes I had a chain…yes I had an alarm…yadda yadda yadda…and I’m a victim twice and being shafted and without a bike.

Fair play, if you think it’s too expensive, but for me when I bought my R1, the cost of Tracker was 10% of the bike’s cost…Bike got stolen…I got it back, and the bastard insurance companies for once didn’t get an extra penny out of me.


Fair points. Perhaps being an old fart has it’s benefits on the insurance premiums that mean the sums work one way for me and another for you.

Still can’t get to grips with the huge price for having what is about one third of a mobile phone stuffed in your bike.

This whole thing should be about £50 plus fitting, not £450. If the alert system were fully digitised, say another £50 a year.

Perhaps it’s like Thatcham aproval. AKA a friggin rip off for nowt much.