another excuse for more toys..

Well I have just bought myself 6 of these, yes including the calves…so 12 animlas in all No more play farming this will be real stuff…I must be crazy:crazy:…

Now this means I will need a two wheel drive bike, diesel of course, a new quad bike four wheel drive, a new suzuki drz 400, a new tractor, with back hoe, loader and trailor…a new naked bike, and a mini digger…

Blimey you must have a big back garden to have them.:stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you mean mate, I brought one of these :slight_smile:

Now I got to buy some cooking foil, a cooker (gas of course), oven roasting dish, Naked Bike, a carving knife :smiley:

Dont suppose you grow potatoes on your farm do ya;)


hey tel hope thats an organic one, and believe me if its a highland steak it will taste delicious, and you will need a new naked bike just to get over the excitement…

He can usually tell :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet he can…naughty but nice…eh…:smiley:

Ha ha ha ha…brilliant!! :smiley:

So you’ll have 6 pairs of handlebars for sale soon, and more to follow in the pipeline possibly made to order.:slight_smile: