Another Ebay listing

Time to sell the bike me thinks; get something a bit more deadly… I mean quicker… ok I feel like a change…

Anyway I’ve had a few offers ‘non EBay’ so it’s looking good so far… Fingers crossed

Good luck on your sale…

you to Neil.

Nice one Stan, I take it the car idea got canned? How come you’re selling both bikes in one auction? Wouldn’t you make more money having them seperate? The crashed bike would make a nice track bike. Mmmmm, fancy donating it to LB?

What’s got your eye for the next ride? Triumph 675? … oh wait, that’s my desire…

Hi Jay,

Nope; the new car is still the plan ‘next couple of months should see that deal done’.

Selling both bikes - seemed like the right thing to do at the time ‘not so sure now’ looks like I have a couple of deals sorted if EBay doesn’t do the job for me.

My eye is on a BlacknRed K5 1000 - the bank balance is looking at a nice second hand R1 – just fancy a change.

Not sure what the damage is on that crashed bike but I have lots of bits in my loft for GSXR600 including frame. 2 sets of race fairings, all sorts of stuff. Basically boxes of stuff for racing. So if anyone is interested in buying the smacked one as a race project, let me know.

OMG, what a coincidence. Friend of mine told me about this forum the other night. I’m the one that messaged you about viewing on Sunday mate. I’m just waiting on a call back from my Dad and then I’ll drop ya a mail. I guess the footie match your going to is Chelsea @ 13:30. Anyway, don’t think I’m not intrested because I havn’t responded yet, just a case of sorting a time viewing with my dad .
Forgot to say, its a nice site youv’e all got here, seem a nice crowd. I plan on sticking around

Hi Alex,

Welcome to LB; Small world eh. Correct I’ll be at the bridge on Sunday - along with my son ‘9th Birthday’ & MilleMonster.

I should be able to get a friend who will be able to show you around the bikes on Sunday ‘or we can arrange a time when I’m in’ - no prob’s either way. Been a fair bit of interest so I’m confident of a sale even if EBay doesn’t do its thing.

yep - this site is the best around. - If you do decide to buy least I will be able to keep an eye on you 'make sure you don’t miss treat her lol’.

Speak soon

Hey Alex,

You even get free ‘LONDONBIKERS.COM’ Stickers with the sale… Now how about that for a deal…

Which of course adds loads to the Value of the bike.

Just a quick note to check your Email mate.

Hi Alex,

Give me a call . - I cant get access to my email.


Quick question mate, do you have the V5 for the damaged bike, or does your mate have it?



Hi m8

Yes - I have all documentation for both bikes.

Hi mate. Noting that the bike didn’t meet its reserve price. Please let me know if you want to take me up on my offer of £2500 with a £100 deposit over paypal and us collecting next sunday then either post here, or give me a call on the same number as before.

If not, good luck with the sale and good luck with the next bike.


Sent you a pm

Check your pm’s mate.

Hi Alex,

Replied - check your pm’s.

p.s. I lost your number.

Pm’d you with my number etc, theres 2 pms for ya.

Check your PM mate