another ebay fraudster caught

be careful.

Little sh1t, should have sent him inside for xmas, could have had some christmas suprises awaiting him…where’s the soap !!!

send him to jail for xmas and i sell him a YOU CAN GET OUT card on E-Bay

He clearly has no respect for the law, after continuing to con people after being caught the first time, I don’t understand why the courts saw fit not to lock him up for longer this time. How exactly is the law-abiding public supposed to be protected from criminals like this when they’re just slapped on the wrist and asked not to do it again? Jesus.

EBay is getting worse. I cant think how long I’ve been a member now and how many items I’ve bought and sold but now too many people are getting ripped off. Right now I’m having some grief with :-

I decided to get a D60 as a backup camera so I could use it in rougher situations ( back of bike etc etc ) and this guy is dicking me about now.

Luckily I paid with paypal and it’s insured but it still means from start to finish I’d have to wait 60 days for my ****ing cash back and with Christmas coming up being £430 out of pocket is not my idea of fun. HOWEVER the guy obviously forgot that paypal has his address and when I said by cheque ( initially ) it sent me his home address. So come Monday the SV is getting one last ride out and I’m going to get my money !

don’t like ebay much after I got ripped off. Too enthusiastic and trusting so can’t blame Ebay altogether.

Now only buy low value items.

Front spindle hex nut and bar for £7 arrived today, no worries.

Saving up for the 675 eh Lee?

We are back on that track yeah :slight_smile:

But unless something comes off then the deposit will be coming back

And as if by magic it arrived this morning !

Off to spend a weekend playing with the new toy