Another Diesel Spill

There is a petition on number 10’s website to stop Diesel Spills

Also a Facebook group if you want to join!

I think just 1 thread or 1 post would have sufficient!! :angry:

done :smiley: but please no more random posting

and introduce yourself properly in the newbie section :wink:


Been there, done that, been on all the rides… now stop bringing up 2 year old posts! numpty! :slight_smile:

lol my thread has gone again.

I think the moderator is Diesel Spiller


Just ride accordingly and report spillages responsibly. Stop spamming you [email protected]!

Posts like this will not make you any friends here…

Did you think of that name all by yourself… who’s a clever doggy then

I couldn’t give a ****.

Ride safely.

I have heard there are a load of tossers on this site.

Bye bye

BTW sorry to those normal bikers here

thanks for signing

I’m a t*sser, PJ will testify to that! :hehe: … byeeee!

is that why you joined?? :satisfied:

Well he lasted long…:w00t:

And yes Alex is a t055er but he prefers a helping hand from someone, would you like to help:w00t:

Nice come back Pan :smiley:

I go away for 15 minutes to come back and see this! Shame on you guys for screwing up my post :frowning:

Maybe you want to have words with your mate about his attitude…

think thats beyond repair now…

maybe a moderator (chinese or other) can clean this up :wink:

Brilliant plan!! Its going to take a hell of a lot to sort this out!! Lets just move on now… Play nice guys

Always play nice Dan because we are nice people to play with:D

Welcome by the way, so now post in the Newbie section and tell us all about you.