Another cat video

:smiley: ahhaha i want one aaaw:)

Aww bless , one of them has died of this syndrome !

How bizarre !

both the kittens died. if you read the description in the youtube video you would know this.

pretty sad really

Awwwww poor ickle kitty :frowning: I wish my kitty was ickle again!

I reckon the first person to genetically engineer bonsai kittens will make a fortune. :slight_smile:

Thinking about it, maybe Serrisan should have his bike checked for this condition… :hehe::wink:

Come off it.
Walking hors d’ouevres…

They faint you grab em, batter em, and deep fry til crispy golden… great with Tartar suace, chips and a fresh green salad

Bwahahahahahaha. His bike is fine. I think he suffers from it:w00t::laugh:

So cute but so so sad!