Another burn out....!

I came across a cd and found pics of my old GSX600F…!!!

The day before it had a new MOT tax, full service, new tyres chain sprocket etc… and it was taken from Bromley High St in broad daylight…

Having got over the intial anger…I went out and bought another bike…the TDM!!!

I still have a lump of melted aluminium from the fire (used as a paperwieght) to remind me of the bike…





ouch…lucky u werent on it mate!!

Oh man! i hate that

Very nice of them, eh mate!

i feel sick…

not so smiled.

mate thats awful.

oh Keith, I remember that poor red bike.


Its never nice when anything happens to your pride and joy, let alone that. I have had one bike stolen, they tried to set it on fire but failed miserably. The bike was nicely beaten up anyway after they had tried whatever to it.