Another Brand Spanker !!!

Keep ya Honda Second Hand Cack !!

Love it or hate it …You aint got one !!!

Fresh outta Paint and the New Ride…





wow thats stunning!!! im sooooooooooo jelous!!!

Im after taking flatsters reign as top banana rider !!

so you two will be the banana splits!!! ha ha

so you’re not giving up smoking then Barro ??

yams rock!!!

Won’t need to wear any reflective gear that’s for sure

Salee babe…I wont smoke on that …I,ll be on fire !!

I dont get it home until Tuesday !!


Very nice

i htought u bought cezars bike…stunning r6

Im only gonna say this once if ya repete it Ill call ya a lier

It looks the Mutts Nuts I like it alot

That’s the last Time I say that

Nice one mate nice one

when you gonna streetfighter it…

Veeeeery sexy Barro! Hope to see you on it soon in person mate!

never realy liked race rep paint but fair do’s mate looks the biz

your still gona be left behind by granny smith on her Mobility scooter though

welcome to the yella bike club mate

That’ll give you time to order up a proper tail tidy to get shot of that fugly thing dangling off the back !

Must admit the rest of it does look very nice & I’m not easily impressed

They say yellow is the new black

Cool bike dude

That is a very tasty bike just needs The Barro touch

what, paint it all black??

I was thinking more along the lines of angel eyes