Another bike gone

I am so sorry about what happened mate. There has to be a way to put a stop to these thieves.


you would think a bike that individual would not appeal to them point being harder to sell parts like the fairings without being recognised, it really annoys me that no matter what you try and do they still go walkies… absolute scumbags thats all i can say.

I’m sorry to hear of your loss…

What the hell is going on over there?! Is London wall to wall thieves or something? I’ve never heard of such a runaway loss of personal property.

yes london is full of thieves im sure the ******s would pick pound coins out of poo if no one was around…

Oh, mate! So sorry to hear it, especially with no insurance! It’s such a fabulous colour scheme too. Hope you’re right and it’s still in the area in one piece! Good luck!

Not another one Really sorry about it Badman.

Soon we’ll all need a small army and nukes to stop theives getting our bikes, even then they would still get them

Sorry to hear.

Sorry 2 hear this mate,

I live close to enfield so will keep my eyes open…


sorry to hear about your bike mate,you must be gutted,i live in enfield ill keep my eyes open.

no it aint worth alot fella bot sorry to here about your bike got my eyes open

Soooo gutted for you Badman … hope you get it back!