Another Big Praise for OMC - especially Matt

My bike feels like a brand new machine:D Can’t believe it!!!

Have the day off work today so went for a little ride around this morning. As I was returning down the Wandsworth Road, I was feeling quite cold in the wind and thought I’d drop by OMC to warm up with a cuppa. ANYWAY - whilst there Matt very kindly sorted out my clutch cable, so it’s not so stiff to use and then - DID THE SUSPENSION!!!

My suspension was originally set for the last owner, a tall and well built man. I love my bike, but had found the suspension quite harsh, particularly when hitting potholes or uneven road surfaces - I remeber being jolted almost off the saddle on the motorway once as a result. But after Matt adjusted the suspension for my weight it just feels incredible. I can’t believe how light and easy the bike feels now. It was always a great bike, but now the handling has improved by a mile, just by readjusting the suspension. I was grinning from ear to ear on the way home.

That was the best decision I made today to have a cup of tea at OMC - and then end up with a whole new bike :smiley:

Cheers!! And thanks to your other customer who helped to hold the bike etc

Nice one !!!