Another attempted theft of my bike, can a brake disk be repaired?

Got up this morning figured I would take the Vif out for a run to work. Took the cover off and notice one of the disk locks was moved, figured some little F£$ker was having a nosy again.

Took the locks off and the rear chain. Hoped on the bike and headed off, check the brakes and the front is rubbing on the left fork.

I have looked at it and the disk where it run through the caliper looks ok, its the bit where you put a disk lock through that has been bent.

Can this be repaired or is it a case of forking out £135 for a new one.

Wish I could get my hands on them doing this, this is the 3rd attempt this year.


New one i reckon… or second hander off ebay?

new disc sadly from the sound of it :frowning:

I don’t think anywhere will even attempt to repair a brake disk just because of the consequences if they get it wrong.

I have actually found these guys but from speaking to them it seems they are more disk than the mounts

just dont get the pr£cks that do these sorts of things, the bike has 2 disk locks a bitch of a chain and lock and is immobilised and covered. There a loads of bikes on my road with nothing on them albeit scooters and smaller bikes.

Might be worth getting an alarmed disc lock, that way the scrotes will probably leg it before they cause too much damage.

If anywhere can do it, All Bike Engineering are the people IMO.

They make discs. They repair them. They re-button them. They should be able to replace a carrier, which is what you need by the sound of it.

being a viffer owner i know most scrotes dont blink a eye at the vfr750/800’s and going by your security the risk is hardly worth it,is the vfr in a bike bay or just on the road in a normal residential street? maybe someone thinks your parking in ‘their’ space and is getting revenge that or a neighbour fed up with your baffle less micron can :smiley:

Stretch got some made up for his harris/gpz/alien from another planet… drop him a PM

Have a feeling it was All Bike Engineering but not too sure :slight_smile:

yeah it was ABE he used

When it comes to discs, if ABE can’t sort it probably no one else can.

Save time and trouble, go visit Blackwall. (North Greenwich? Borrocks.)