Anonymous LB member Police incident report

I’ve received this ride-report anonymously (no, not me) from one of the LB members, and believe it to be completely true after speaking to a couple of people. Whilst we musn’t condone breaking the law on our bikes, I thought it would prove an interesting read to you all:

Well I had to work but managed to leave at just gone 10 in moorgate. Decided for some reason to see what was happening at the bridge on the way home. Lots of bikes of all desriptions, shed loads of Gixxer thou’s. Anyway, quite a high profile police presence so no antics kicking off.

Queued for ages but got a tea and a hot dog. Was thinking about making a move when I bumped into another LB’er, by a fluke he parked up next to me.

Anyway, we had a chat and looked over each others bikes The police went and then the antics started. Some guy was pulling some stonking and very quick wheelies back and forwards. He nearly binned it when someone turned right across the road infront of him but fortunately escaped. He performed a few passes and dissapeared before the police turned up again.

After this, some dude on a Pizza bike was pulling wheelies with his L plate scraping the ground, he was with some dude on a small bike with a top box who was virtually pulling 12 o’clockers. Well they entertained the crowds for a while. There were a few on quads circling on 2 wheels only and doing burnouts.

Well it all went quiet, people had started moving and so I decided it was time to move. Anon LB’er #2 was going as well. So we kind of left the bridge, he was supposed to be going North and I was going South. Well I gave it large away from the bridge, just had to be done, hooning rounmd the traffic. Slowed and looked in mirror to see a headlight, it had to be anon LB’er #2. Thought he was up for a race so that was it, red rag to a bull. Down to roundabout, turned right through the road with speed humps. Red light so pulled a small stoppie for good measure. Lights changed while back wheel in air and anon LB’er #2 got the jump. Screamed off behind him and he was waving in the air, didn’t know what he meant but read it as to go left at the end. At this point I noticed blue flashing lights approaching rapidly so I was off like a shot. I went left, anon LB’er #2 went right, I tucked down the inside of a queue of cars hoping that they would not spot me, well they didn’t come my way. Turned right at the lights and cruised down the road at a sedate pace. As I came past battersea I found anon LB’er #2 coming out of a side turning with the rozzers in hot pursuit. Wrong side of a traffic island and through a red light. I had no option but to crack it one so off I went again.

Took the next left and found anon LB’er #2 was following me. Went through some temp traffic lights and flew down the road. Not sure where anyone was behind me, just wanted to get away. Took a left someplace followed by a right and landed up going through some dodgy back streets before landing up at Clapham Common. No sign of anon LB’er #2 or the police. Result. Behaved myself in Wandsworth and out the other side. Up West Hill, no worries now. How wrong can you be. Caught up with a police BMW, didn’t want to overtake so sat behind at a safish distance. Landed up on the inside lane to it, thought I would be fine. No, car slows down and they glare at me as I start to go past on the inside. Not liking the look of it I dived into a garage, convenient that was there! I then came out of the garage to watch the police pulling over at the next turn off, damn it. I have no option but to come out of the garage and go their way. So I wasted some time, filled up with juice and changed my kit round, went from wearing green to wearing black. Walked out of the garage to see where they were, still sitting there. Found an alleyway so made the decision to go down it. Turns out it was a dead end! Just parked bike, removed outer clothing, this gortex stuff is great. Put kit over back of bike so that it didn’t show up and went for a walk.

Well no sign of the old police, they had gone, question was, where? Well I walked up and down the road whilst trying to waste some time. Never saw them so went back to alley. What a masking job, you could not see the bike at all! So I went, re-kitted and turned around. Zipped off back through some back streets back to my flat. Job done, lets just hope they did not get the plate!

Was good to see my partner in crime on Saturday. Even better to hear how complimentary he was about my riding skills! Glad he got away as well. Don’t really want to have to do that too often, years since I did before.

Result they got away.

Sounds like a very lucky escape. Bet their hoping nothing comes through in the post.

Nice story, felt like I was there!

Had a similar one with a guy on a Gixer one night on way home from work, never found out if he got caught but hiding in a side road gigling while you hear sirens go past don’t half get the adrenaline buzzing!!

“while you hear sirens go past don’t half get the adrenaline buzzing!! [HeHe]”

2 odd years ago an interview in PB with some of the Stockley Park / Heston Services boys [no doubt some of whom are on here…] and came up with some good advice …The adrenaline problem hits you while you are being chased, the important thing is to stay cool and not take any unususal risks, “pretend you are just out for a fast ride with yer mates” - in town a car stands little chance against a bike, so stay cool and take care

Local knowledge is handy too, nothing helps like bollards …

Sounds like they had a very lucky escape… Nice one guys!!! He he he…


good story!

ive not outrun plod for ages, just keep focused, dont look back and dont tense up too much, dont try outrunning if you dont think you will get away.

I used to get chased more when i was a courier, my favourite trick was to go up dean street, left into carlisle street, ride into the right hand courier and go through the cycle restriction, its a bit of a wriggle but great fun!

He he!! … great read!!

Cool as!!

Nice one guys - at least they didnt do what I did A few years ago

Nice shiny new R1 up Long Ashton bypass in Bristol, knee down hooning it round the corner at bottom as plod goes by the other way in panda car - That sinking feeling, oh ****e what do you do?

Well in hindsight they could have done me at this stage for nada apart from the knee down and thats touch and go - But no silly bollox decided that by the time they turned round they had no chance of catching me.

Absolutely flat out for at least 3 miles between traffic etc etc and decides plods history so decides to whistle a happy tune and stay with flow of traffic.

anyway about 5 mins later I catch this flashing blue light in the mirror - Sinking feeling #2 and with nothing to lose off we go again. This is where I drop an even bigger clanger, instead of keep ing to the main road I cut into a country lane and give it large. thinga again going great with no sign of plod after 100 yards until…

Haring round a blind bend I find the annual international congregation of ramblers (About 20 of them) stood in the middle of the firkin road - you would never dream a rambler could move so fast, there were bobble hats and pakka macs going in all directions as they were jumping in the hedge as i sailed through the middle of them rear wheel about 2 foot in the air

Anyway as plod was now right behind me I thought fukit, pulled over head in hands and heart in mouth.

Plods get out of car, the “Good Cunstanoon Afterbal” didnt go down to well either as I ended up being hauled over the bonnet of his car, handcuffed and arrested!

At the court case I was very humble, going to lose job, letters from Doctor, Employer etc etc and ended up with a years ban, retest on car and bike!!! I think the statements from the ramblers didnt exactly help either lol

the moral of the story is pretty self explanitary really

Doh, Andy! Good read, but come on, that’s no way to behave, lol!

Holy Moley!!

Some adventure. Sounds like one of the ‘Police Camera Action’ episodes

Well fair play for making a game of it, and even more respect for at least trying to skittle those damn rambler clots.

My stomach flips when I go past 'em without the baffles in. Too much of a coward to run away

nice one m8
i think them 2 should name themselfs because even though they escaped a chase from police, i think thats quality
well done

Sorry, bristol coppers had ago at me for parking on the pavement and i thought that was bad…

At least ure back on it

Wow…those are some pretty intense stories!

I’ve only been nicked on my bike once…for doing 83 mph in a 60 mph zone. I had just blipped the throttle to move past some idiot kids in a Mustang and there he was…gunning down oncoming traffic with his LIDAR unit. Of course, he’s immediately on me with the lights on as I’m the only person on a super bike in sight. :crackup

I have to be honest, though…never even considered running. I pulled over as promptly as traffic would allow (it was on the expressway), turned the bike off and sat there with the key out of the ignition and hanging from my index finger with my arm outstretched. He walked up and thanked me for not running, took my license and proof of insurance back the the highway patrol car and returned with TWO pieces of paper…one, my $199 speeding ticket…the other, an application for diversion as my license is clean. Obviously, I applied for the diversion (and paid the $100 application fee) and it was granted. If I do not recieve another moving violation before February of next year, the matter is dropped. I don’t have to pay the ticket and the infraction is not reported to my insurance company.

$100 for 23mph over the limit whilst overtaking? Is the guy on commission, or something? That sounds way too extreme! Unlucky, I guess. What’s an expressway? I assume it’s a road with less capacity than a freeway (which is what we call a motorway), so perhaps it’s what we call a dual-carrigeway, aka A-Roads? (typically two lanes, at 40mph, though sometimes more lanes and sometimes faster). These are the majority of faster roads around here, and connect most of the city up, with the single-track roads being B-Roads to us.

Gregman - I’m with Jay in that, $199 sounds expensive. But I like the idea of a ‘diversion’ - where you can be a good boy and ‘earn’ your clean licence back?

Jay - “Overtaking a Mustang on the freeway” sounds much better than blasting Mondeos on the North Circ!!!

You up early for off-roadin? B4 ramblers clog up the paths? LOL Stay loose man, esp as you head over the bars LOL LOL

No no…it was an interstate highway…3 lanes of traffic in each direction…this one happens to run north and south through the heart of Wichita. I was moving south and some kids in a Mustang cut directly in front of me and then stomped on the brakes…I slid around them once…and then they tried to do it again…I blipped the throttle to put them behind me once and for all and rode right into his speed trap.

The ticket itself was $199. But that is not the worst of it…if a 23 mph over the legal limit infraction were to be reported to my insurance, my rates would almost double. For that one infraction. I swear insurance is legalized theft. I felt like I was getting a deal only paying the $100 diversion fee and keeping my license/insurance record “clean”.

Still sounds excessive! Did you tell the cop that you were trying to put some distance between you and an irate/road-rage type driver? It’s a perfectly reasonable situation for him to nullify at his discretion. Guess he hadn’t got laid in a while! I am stunned to hear your insurance would double from a minor offence like that. What has speed got to do with accident rates? Sod all, as has been scientifically proven! (less than 5% of UK road accidents had excessive speed as a major contributory factor, but the gov still don’t listen, ******s).

Andrew, yeah, was getting up for motorcross. Had a blast, no head-over-handlebars, though I did lose the front twice, and fell into a ditch by mistake after overbalancing when both wheels went in different directions, lol. Top fun, pics to come hopefully.

hmm I aint sure… its a good read and at the time I’m sure instincts take over and your either the person that runs or the person that takes it on the chin.

Thing is where does it stop? From just “arsing” about and burning off from the Police you could be held accountable for anything… as far as the fuzz know you could be hit and run crims, druggies anything!

I’m stuck between a rock and hard place with this. I love riding my bike fast and I live in a great place to be able to do that… I love reading Sportbike mags and think the pics are ace but also wonder the damage that they cause every month… Seeing knee scraping and wheelie/Stoppies on nearly every page on public roads doesnt do biking any favours what so ever… I can see that its done in controlled conditions and quite roads… but that means feck all to the law makers. So great… two guys let the plod chase them through london… the guys on bikes are concerned with getting away… a few wheelies and stoppies has now turned into a Police chase… they have to get away. The Police have gone from a routine stop for the above antics to a full on chase, not really knowing who these peeps are, why they are running, watching other road users and maintianing a safe enviroment.

I’m really sure any chance of Chelsea bridge meets or any others stand a real good chance of continuing the way you guys like them with this kind of thing happening.

I aint a fuddy duddy or grandad… I love riding my bike fast and yeah sometimes I over step the mark when road riding… but its getting harder and harder to justify to anyone why I should be allowed to ride my 1000cc bike the way I do on unrestricted roads…

Sorry for ranting on…I appreciate its not gonna be a popular opinion… just thought its how I feel so may as well say it… its what this place is about init? Discussion and opinion… like I said… cool story… but no praise…