anohter joke

Jose arrives at the mexican border on a motorbike with two huge bags on his shoulders the gaurd stops him and asks whats in the bags “Senor it is only sand” so the guard emptys out the bags and they are just full of sand so they detain Jose over night while the sand is analized, only to discover it is only sand so they let him go, two days later Jose turns up on a bike with two bags, “whats in the bags” Jose replies “sand” closer examination reveals its only sand, this goes on every two days for a year until one day Jose stops turning up

A few weeks later the guard sees Jose on the beach “hey budddy” says the guard “i know your smuggling something for a whole year its driven me crazy i cant get no sleep its all i can think about even my wife says she is gonna leave me, im begging you please tell me what your smuggling” Jose sips his beer smiles and replies “motorbikes”