Annual rideout to Romsey 31.5.15

This well established LB classic will depart the Ace at 9.30am,with a pre-arranged rendezvous in Romsey (Hants) with the famous Mr Rosso and his gorgeous wife Natalie who is re-taking her 21st birthday vows again.
Previous years have seen coffee, fords, lunch, ferries and much jollity.
This year the weather may reflect Natalies personality, moist in the morning and hot after lunch.
No 125s or nobbers, home before bedtime.
We will leave on time with full tanks and empty bladders, dont be late or youll miss the party atmosphere and the ride.

If I were a gambling man I’d wager there’d be some cake on offer

Have a good day

BTW I’ve heard it rumoured Natalie be 29 :wink:

Very tempting, currently my tyre is flat as a pancake but I have managed to inflate it a few times for a ride, getting new tyres fitted on Monday, couldn’t get the bike in anywhere in Germany before coming back here

Glad to see you back on here son, yer mum is asking after your welfare.
Sorry to hear of your deflation, hope you get it up soon.
How long are you in Blighty? Mum says she wants a cuddle.

weather update from Dorsetshire, its rained a little, was only light rain, its stopped now. bludy good job to.

3 weeks, got a snowboarding comp on Tue then a boxing course the week after then a weeks leave, and well a few days off in between it all. Tomorrow and next Sunday are my only chances for a rideout though

As a Canadian monitor de surf I wish you well.
Hoping you win lad or we will not talk again.

Ignore the old dinasaur, you do your best son, you know it will make us happy, mum.

We were having a little trouble with our keyboard, normal service may be resumed soon.

Haha… I’m not going to be wining, I only learnt to boardslide yesterday, ha ha.

Home safe after a lovely day out.
The roads of Wiltshire were empty, dry and sun dappled.
Good to meet up with Geoff B at Compton Abbas airfield.
Cake was devoured in Stockbridge.

Well, I wasn’t going to go out on the bike today but I’m glad I did😁…great riding and always good to see you guys

so atlast got the dodgy dorset internet to work, home to the holiday cottage safely, not a bad day out really. didn’t get wet, didn’t get cold, had a lovelly lunch at an airfield café with great company. looking forward to the next adventure. ride safe my lovelies.

Glad you guys had a good day, weathers been great up here but the bikes been sat looking sorry in the garage with a pancake for a tyre :frowning: