Annual glove post

I’m on a limited budget so its down to the old but faithful Frank Thomas Aqua (winter) gloves for the interim. Never let me down, proper waterproof and never needed to Nikwax 'em. That said they’ll probably fail me this Autumn. Come January/February the Oxford Bone Dry muffs will make an appearance on me bars. Not just warm but toasty warm, not just dry but bone dry. Happy days.

Bar muffs?

Richa Arctic for me this year. Old gloves well past their sell by date, I’ve used these new ones a couple of times over the last week and they’re great for warmth and feel. Can’t vouch for waterproofing as we’ve had minimal rain, but so far I’m pleased with them.

Bar muffs?
hornet boy
Absolutely, you need to consider the colder as well as the wetter.

I suppose you could go for the Full Monty of winter gloves over heated glove liners with heated grips and the risk of a flat battery at the most inconvenient time because some muppet installed the wiring according to the instructions however…

The couriers, who know best how to keep their extremities warm and dry, favour bar muffs some with and some without heated grips.

Note if you do go with the heated grip option ignore the supplied wiring instructions and wire them via a relay and switched live.

I’ve always got by fine with muffs and winter gloves and never had a need for heated grips

does your hand often go in damp Alex?
A bit of spit maybe....