Annual Essex Air Ambulance Run

12th September 2010! This Sunday!!

Meet at Fords research Centre, Dunton (near Basildon) A127

Run to Harwich Town Festival.

Thousands of bikes, loads of fun, Keep the Ambulance Flying!


I will be there, marshaling at Fords:cool:

Is anybody from lb actually doing this? Do not fancy the brighton thing as that is just going to be mental, too many bikes. I did this last year and all the way from dunton to harwich there were people cheering us on from bridges and laybys.

It is a very different kind of run this one. No twisties. Too many bikes for that. But that is made up for by the carnival atmosphere. People waving and cheering us. Almost like it’s Let’s All Love Bikers Day. It does put a smile on my face. And all we’ve done is paid a fiver each and turned up for the ride.


I was going to come along, but have to be central in the afternoon so won’t have time to get there and back :frowning:

a great day out was a good ride, we saw 2 members of lb there, our ticket no were 7,223 and 4 so a good turn out