Annoyed car driver punches cyclist

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Nothing done by police apparently since someone else than the registered holder was driving the car. How comes that in cases like this the registered holder cannot be persecuted nonetheless, since it’s his car and he is responsible for it and also should know therefore who was driving the car? (unless it it has been registered as stolen beforehand…

You can’t prosecute the owner of the vehicle for a crime they didn’t commit.

Though you would think they could prosecute for obstruction of a police officer for failing to notify the police of the actual driver.

The problem is whether that offence is costly enough to prompt the owner into “ratting” out their friend, and if the offence comes with a small fine and a slap on the wrist, as opposed to an affray and assault charge which may well carry with it a custodial sentence, then they might decide to eat the obstruction of justice charge instead.

To be honest though, I think all of that is a load of old bullsh*t and I think the sad truth is that the police have not bothered to investigate properly because it is a minor crime. Sad truth of our society that a person can commit an assault on camera, from a registered vehicle and walk away scot free because the police don’t have the manpower or time to investigate the crime properly.

Of course, now that the crime has appeared on the BBC and in the Daily Mail I expect there to be some pressure brought to bear on the police force and officers involved to pull their finger out and get a result on this one, just for the good press it will receive.

Unfortunate that we can’t all rely on the press to push forward our cases.

When I was knocked off my bike in a Hit and Run it was in Bexley, Hurst Road… called the police as soon as it happened, they said they were sending a car. I managed to see where the hit and run driver went so was hopeful they may catch her… 15mins later no police… 30mins later no police… then I get a phone call on my mobile from the local police station… they will not be attending the scene and therefore I have to now go into a police station to report the crime… but before that I have to get my busted bike home and also go to the hospital for a check up as my back and legs were aching. Bexley police are a joke.

I don’t think it is enough to just blame the police in this respect.

So what if they had attended and had hunted down the driver, at the use of extensive man hours diverted from other crimes, they bring all the evidence to the CPS and if the CPS manage to not screw up the case, and they actually get to court, get the witnesses, get the CCTV and the guy pleads guilty 5 minutes before the trial begins.

What is the best outcome that can be expected?

A fine? A driving ban?

Is that really worth the police time when they could have spent that time hunting down a serious criminal offender and getting a custodial sentence and thus removing a danger from the streets.

It is a no brainer really. It isn’t fair to blame the police for making choices based on limited resources and an ineffectual criminal justice system.

Surely they have all the evidence they need - the owner must recognise anyone they’d lend their car to, the driver is caught on film - if they don’t grass 'em up then charge the owner with obstruction or whatever.

The kind of person who gets out of the car to lamp a cyclist just for complaining is not someone i’d want on the road when I was rideing.

i quite enjoyed watching that.

crap first punch from the car driver. the biggest mistake the cyclist made was not getting off his bike first. no one’s gonna win a fight with a bike between their legs!

would like to see the events leading up to the incident rather than an edited version though. just to get a balanced idea of what happened.

Kaos What a depressing last response. Worthy of Coalition Government minister.

So are we to assume that physical assault or injury is too cheap a crime for the police to investigate?

That’s the sort of logic that escalates into “turning a blind eye”. Where does the line get drawn?

There will always be more serious crimes than others but those involving violence against a person just have to be high on a priority list and take precedence over property crime and economics should not be an issue.

I had a scooterist threaten to “cut” me when I pointed out he was riding the wrong way down a one way street. I called Lewisham police on their non emergancy number, gave the details of the rider and reg number and told them what had happened and that I also had a witness. This was Thursday morning.

Saturday morning at around 8am I got a call from a police sargeant to say that they had traced the scooter owner, had knocked on his door at 6am that morning and his parents were less than happy to find out what had gone on (the scooter rider was about 16). I was happy to leave it as that as the sargeant said that when he left the kid was getting a lot of grief from his parents who had told him the bike was being sold there and then.

Not all police sit on their arses.

bwahaha, good one. serves him right :w00t:

I think they do that when it suites them. I had two cops knock at my door as the neighbour found a ciggy butt in his garden and said it had been thrown over the fence, turns out his daughter was smoking in her bedroom.:stuck_out_tongue:

I laughed at the cops when they said it and replied they have to investigate all allegations.:w00t:

It’s a mad world of money wasting. :crying:

I didn’t say I agreed oldguy, I just stated that is the way things are. Is an assault that ends in a minor abrasion equal to a serious assault, a stabbing, a shooting, a murder, a rape or some other such serious crime.

It is not good that there are priorities, I just made the point that it is not entirely the police service’s fault for making those priorities.

Surprise surprise someone has now been charged

got a link to some info? :slight_smile:

Good. What a fucking prick.

Rule of thumb…if they look like they’re getting out of their car…get ready for fight or flight :w00t:
Suppose it’s better that he got an ineffective thump than being run over…or shot…
I know it happened fast but I have to say though as usual there seemed to be an awful lot of bystanders and no-one backing the poor guy up.

Unfortunately they call it the Bystander Effect. The greater the number of people who witness an emergency event the less likely anyone is to help. People just assume that someone else will take some responsibility.

Glad that prick got arrested.

Yeah seems like a right see you next tuesday, he needs a good talking to. Any footage of what happened before hand?

Having seen this thread and read some responses all I really want to say is “Kaos **** off!”