Announcing the Brand-New LB Website!

Welcome to the new site! We’ve been working until the wee hours for many, many nights to get this ready for you. The new site brings a new look and cutting-edge new features. The aim is to open the site up more, make it more interesting, show our content off better and hopefully make LB more popular!

New Look

The first thing to notice is there’s a new look, and new style for ‘’. We wanted something that was brighter, stood out from the crowd more, was fresher and still had overtones of what it means to be a Londoner in it. We think we’ve hit all the targets on this one with it being red and black, the two colours of London, and the ‘ye olde london’ font used. There’s also a small tyre tread pattern in the letters.


The homepage has been designed to show a summary of most of what’s going on within LB, with a search-box at the top to allow you to search the web via Google, search the site for older content, search our directory, or Amazon for any shopping needs you have. Using the Amazon feature here helps us to cover our costs, so please use it if you’re looking for something.

We’ve added a Google web search feature to the homepage because we’d like to encourage you to make LB your default browser homepage, so each time your browser loads up, LB shows. From here you can search the web directly. Many of us have a search engine as our homepage anyhow, so this is just an extension of that. If you’re unsure how to change your browsers default homepage, then hit the small red ‘home’ icon in the top-right of the navigation bar.

Better Content

LB isn’t just a (very cool) community, it’s also an online-magazine, a resource for finding out about biking online. We already publish all the latest motorcycle product, event and racing news before nearly everyone else, but we’ve decided to take things to the next level and go web-2.0 with how we present our content. So we’ve broken the news out onto a dedicated news page, with featured stories for items of interest so they don’t get burried in the river of news, and perhaps more importantly we’ve adopted tags for all our content.

Tags allow you to see all the stories for a particular subject, i.e. “MotoGP”, or “Ducati”. Each story and article now has tags assigned to them so you can find similar pieces. Each Tag has it’s own page on the site, so you can bookmark your favourite subjects, or even get an RSS feed for each tag to keep up on the latest happenings for your chosen subject! Both the tagging and tag rss feeds is cutting edge stuff, with LB leading the world in online motorcycle content.

Stories & articles now have hi-definition images shown in-line with the story as well, so you can easily see the quality images we’ve got.

New Features

The galleries have been improved to make them easier to navigate and show off the photos better. Each gallery now has a slideshow feature, so you can watch the photos scroll by without doing anything. You can also post our pictures on other websites using the ‘blog/post elsewhere’ feature on each image page. This will allow you to show a version of the image on another site and provide a link back to the image page.

There’s a ‘What’s on TV tonight?’ listing on the homepage so you can find out what motorcycle programs are on telly for the day/evening ahead, you can also see what the current road-watch postings are on the homepage. Perhaps something to check each morning and evening when going on a journey?

Insurance! It’s hard getting qoutes from a load of brokers/insurers come renewal time, so we’ve made life easier by offering a service which takes your details and then queries a load of the top insurers/brokers to find you the best qoute. From here you can buy a policy directly, which again, helps LB cover its costs, so please do use it.

Coming Soon

Now we’ve got a cool new look, we’ve got plans for a new range of clothing & merchandise, as well as stickers and other items. These will be coming shortly, so please bear with us whilst we get this sorted. There’s a big forum upgrade due as well shortly, and we’ll be updating other content on the website which is perhaps showing its age.

We’ll be getting a load of flyers, posters and cards made up to help promote LB, and we’ll be needing your help in distributing them and getting them in shop windows and the like, so please have a think about how you can help and when the time comes, please help us to help you!


LB is going from strength to strength, with more readers of the magazine, and more members signing up than ever before. We intend to make LB the biggest and best resource for biking in the south-east of the country, and we can only do that with your help, so please, spread the word and let every biker know about us and the good things we do, i.e. ride-outs, meets, trips abroad, our forum, the magazine, etc. Thanks to all you members, hosts, mods and contributors alike, it wouldn’t be what it is without your support!

New Feature Locations:

Wow, guys!!

the new site is soooo cool, well done everyone involved. It’s fantastic! I’m sure it will juut get better and better and more and more popular x

yeah I gotta say it looks great, and so is the content as always.

i think this website has gone up a whole new level.

excellent stuff, well done to the LB internet gurus.

will there be new LB stickers now?

Thanks! We’ve got some stickers in now, and new ones with the new logo to compliment the ones we have are coming soon. We’ll be on it asap, I’m just getting through a small back-log of things which have been held off until the new site was launched.

Well done Jay and Foxy
The new sit is fantastic
Thank you

Great Work LB Team.

Nice one to all involved in the development on the site, much improved.

Great work guys and gals

One small question, In your screen drops you have 7 tabs, I have the following tabs

home News News Articles Articles News Articles TV Listings TV Listings Directory Galleries Events Forums Directory Galleries Events Forums Any idea why or does everyone else have so many duplicate tabs ?

Jay well done , your work is worth all the late nights you spent on here


<right, f**k it, flame suit on >

Now I (really) dont want to piss on the parade (or sound ungrateful or too critical), but…

Jay, it was asked/suggested some time ago if it were possible to put the next page/previous page/first page/last page buttons at the top of a thread as well as at the bottom. Why couldn’t this useful feature have been included as part of the upgrade?

Things that didn’t need changing have been changed and things that needed changing haven’t been.

Preferred the old site mate…But thats just me.

Still, well done for your hard work. I’m sure it will benefit the site.

Mine looks like that today too, but I don’t think it had them all yesterday

opppppppppppppps I think they are multiplying


TonUp, the forum is a seperate piece of software to the rest of the site and not very easy to customise. We’re due to upgrade the forums very soon to the latest version which should resolve all outstanding isssues. This has been planned and talked about for a while now. Not much longer now.

For everyone else, the navigation issue is being looked at.

Oh!!! Why didn’t you say that then!
When you said “Welcome to the new site” etc etc etc, I thought this was it, the finished article.

Thats good then, some real proper usable stuff with substance to come.

With baited breath, we shall await what glories the gods are to bestow upon such undeserving mortals.

Good luck with it.

And thank you.

lol, cheers mate.

Well done guys, the “New” look is very clean, bright and profesional looking.

Great job.

Thanks guys… Phew, you don’t know how glad we are that we have now released the new version… I for one am very excited in where this will now take LB…

Well done Jay for all of his hard work!

Enjoy you lot!!

its looking good, well done all concerned

Jay, the look and feel is top notch. So is the functionality I’ve tried out.

This is all your work?

Btw, we met briefly at FWR - that Pilot Road 2 I had fitted (red VFR) picked up a nice fat screw about a week later. Nice.

Hey ares, thank-you. Yes, it’s my own work.

Well, perhaps it’s the season for punctures as I got a screw in my new rear as well! Luckily though it’s a small one and isn’t losing pressure, unlike yours by the sound of it. I was due to go to fwr today to get it plugged. Guess I’ve blown that chance now, doh!