Ann Summers Mrs Santa outfits, £15

Me missus is doing these for £15, normally £25 so if you ladies are interested pm me, i promise i wont tell who orders, lol.
Pm me if ya want 1.!letc~ev!14903||et!letc~ev!19651||40151-1_14903_62451_10001_14903

do you have any in PPG size? (12-14 and loooongggg legs) :smiley:

I think all of the ladies on the forum should order a set of these, and should post pictures in the ultimate xmas w**k thread.

Make my xmas wishes come true ladies? :smiley:

But no one would ever come :slight_smile:

most sizes as on the link, does it matter about legs, its a short skirt, lol.

Pervs pi55 off!:smiley:

me pisses off :crying:

the fact of the matter is, LB ladies pix = hefty donations to LAA

ok ill have a look when i get back - and short skirts to me are normally belts… hence i ask…

With this sort of outfit, that’s probably the idea!

Ok - I’ll really make it clear - often with short dresses like this - I cannot wear them in public as my undewear will be on display. I want to wear this to a party and it has to be vaguely respectable.As i say, ill have a look when i get back.Thanks for all the helpful comments :hehe:

You’ll be fine nobody would look…trust me :D:D:D

Put cycling shorts on under it or. . . . . . Big granny knickers :smiley:

I’ll have one of those - looks a bargain, does she wash up after the dinner too?