Anitsa's Hayabusa

This is one tricked out states Busa I like, its kind of a superbike cruiser

It has a Pearl white custom paint, neon kit, chrome accents, air-ride suspension, monster chrome wheels, and that deeper than deep throaty DMX-like exhaust tone and thats just for starters.

OH OH OH !!! words fail me…OMG!!

Odd, crazy, but I like it, good find mate! Would be a royal pain in the ass to keep clean over here tho!

That does look pretty good, if a tad tacky. They love extended swingarms in America


I wonder what the rear section of that tyre is 280-310? And not much cornering capability either! Probably for Drag use really, rims must have cost a bit!


Crazy man… I have been asked to take a brand new Turbo Busa to Nice in France… I can’t wait!!! I think it’s going to happen in the next few weeks, I’ll let you all know how it goes…