Animated GIF

Probably being a numpty here but have made an animated GIF which animates when viewed in a browser, but alas it doesn’t animate on here. Are there parameters for animating GIFs on here or have I bodged it?


Hey dude…not a geek, but if you have ticked the box to ‘resize’ the the gif wont move …try it un-ticked

You geni geek

Cheers mate. Be up to you in the next few days for some crimbo shopping.

im sure this is on the same lines,…how do you get avatars to move?-for dummies?.

i tried one which i took off another forum (save picture as), and it said error-to resize. i did, and it was ok but still did not move when i went into the forum. any help appreciated.

bike2travel and mini mo’s are cool!.

mino mo,…how did you get those ‘slide show’ looking?.

thanks everyone.

Daryl mate i send you by PM my secret!

thanks cezar. your secret PM worked


thank you.