i`ve just done anglesey this weekend and boy was it windy!!! tought it was a really nice track but the trip up was a bit much 7 hours in all so got there late fri night. got to track about 7am sat but no room in the extremely small cow sheds;)loved the coastal circuit but feel like ive been hit by a bus today, for some reason just found it really hard going.lost concentration a couple of times and even hit thegrass once but still stayed up right, unlike the fool on his big bmw in front of me who stacked it on 1st session on sharp left at top of hill.:hehe:cold tyres and fast bends dont go mate!!!:w00t:

anyway done it now dont think i`ll go again to much travelling involved. really want to do oulten but thinking thats just as far . would it be worth it?:slight_smile: