I know it’s quite a hop from London but yesterday was the first (Hottrax) trackday to be held at the re-developed Anglesey circuit.

All I can say, in my humble opinion of course, is it would be well worth the visit. Set right on the coast the location is stunning, the full international circuit is 2.1 miles long and has a bit of everything. Elevation changes, blind corners, tight stuff, open very quick sections. We had a great day, great weather, apart from a bit mist rolling in off the sea which meant the marshalls couldn’t see the next marshall post so the session was helpd up for 5 mins while it cleared.

The only downside is that at the moment there are no garage facilities so it’s gazebo and generator stuff. This will be addressed over the next year or so but everybody yesterday agreed that the track needed to be sorted first and they have got it spot on.

Gratuitous pic of my Doris on her Bandit and me on mine. for more info.

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