Angle Grinder Resistant Lock

A bit pricey, especially if you scaled it up to a chain big enough to lock a motorbike wheel to something solid but the ‘Barronium’ coating seems like it does a good job of resisting angle grinder attacks. Would be nice if spending a bit of cash on security came with some kind of confidence that it can resist the standard method of attacking by scrotes.

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The consideration here should be the resistance to a cutting wheel not an angle grinder, this the scrotes understand.

It’s resistant to a cutting disc
It won’t stop a cutting disc

Not sure I understand what you mean NT. The angle grinder is the tool that the cutting wheel is attached to?

Agreed, no metal is going to be entirely grinder proof but if you read the review, it lasted 17 minutes, took 2 disc changes and bust the grinder cutting through one side of the lock. Pretty impressive in my book.



I think the main factor is the time required. 17 minutes will probably burn through the battery pack and they may not be packing spares. It’s also a long time to be the subject of attention, they like to move quickly: cut, snatch, run.

exactly and it is the cutting disc that does the work. Imagine the angle grinder is a hammer and the cutting disc is a cold chisel, it doesn’t matter how good the hammer or the hammer blow if the cold chisel is made of mild steel or is blunt.

Not sure either is much use without the other to be fair. It would take a lot more than 17 minutes if you were just chucking discs at the lock.

You know the x1 isn’t their toughest.

They do an x3 and hiplock do a d1000. Both are about head to head on toughness and were designed with the portable grinder in mind.

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I’m always a bit skeptical. I took about 15 minutes to cut through an Almax series 5 in a vice then some other geezer did it in 90 seconds holding it in his hand on his garage floor. With the right cutting disk and technique this lock could probably be defeated much faster than they managed. Or they could use an oxy acetylene torch. You’ve a good budget for tools if you are stealing them too.

My effort:

Almax Immobiliser Series V EXTREME 22mm chain cut with Angle Grinder - YouTube

Other Geezer:

Almax Series V Extreme CUT with Grinder - YouTube

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exactly that ^^^ different discs giving totally different results regardless of the angle grinder.

You mean like different people riding the same bike on the same track and getting different results

Holy cow.

He’d probably see off a Series 6 in under two minutes. It’s only sligtly thicker.

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I wonder if there is analternative to hardness or sheer volume of steel to overcome angle grinder attacks on bike chains?
Maybe something similar to chainsaw proof clothing that gums up the mechanism. I guess there isn’t so much to tangle up on a cutting disc compared to a chainsaw chainp

Or perhaps a napalm core that explodes in the the scrotes face :smiling_imp:

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I think there’s more to it than just how long it takes to cut - do we know if grinder-wielders are going about weighing up the size of locks before they attack them; do they decide that this ginormous Abus is too much and go and look for something with a £20 oxford thing on it? And once they’ve started, is there a realistic benefit to it taking ages - how much more likely are they to get interrupted or get bored and move on while having at that Litelok?

Obviously cutting a lock being harder and taking longer’s not a bad thing for security, but I think we’re not really very sure how much it actually improves it, or where the returns start diminishing.

The best defence is the criminal justice system.

If you walk from the terminal building in Geneva airport to the car rental parking you will pass the large employees’ motorcycle and bicycle parking. It is on the street, not fenced in, open to the public and this Londoner is gob-smacked to see most the motorbikes have no chains nor d-locks and the bicycles are locked with the flimsiest of pound-shop wire locks.

That comes from a functioning criminal justice system.


If you can make it take long enough, the grinder battery will die, potentially stopping them.
The Litelock in the test destroyed the grinder (although I suspect that was coincidence), which would be a pretty successful result

I remain sceptical

The man at Bennets Bike Social cut through and removed a Litelock X1 from a motorcycle wheel in a few minutes using 1½ cutting discs. Then he claimed to have cut through it off camera using just one cutting disc. He went on to struggle to cut through the Litelock X3 but still got there in minutes using 4 cutting discs, but that looked to me as if he was twisting the cutting disc in the cut which prematurely wears the disc from the sides.

Scrotes will take with them whatever it takes, they’re not stupid, they’re not taking bolt croppers, they’re not taking sledge hammers. If needs be they’ll take a couple of spare batteries and a 10 pack of cutting discs which means that their tooling costs, if they don’t go out and nick the kit, will set them back less than £50.

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A chamber surrounding the metal containing a lethal nerve gas would be my suggestion.


It takes 5minutes to grind through the litelok x3 with just abrasive discs not 17minutes. Also it can be cut on the bow of the D only 1cut needed.
Diamond edge what most thieves use will cut through it much faster. Hiplock d1000 takes 4minutes with abrasive discs. The adverts are very misleading by using crap grinder discs and people that aren’t good with a grinder or don’t use the grinder well on purpose for the ads.
Still 3 times longer than most locks but also more than 3 times the price.

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