Angels passed her theory test!

DA next, soon she will be asking for the keys to the Gixxer…

Yay!!! Not long now til she’s in the big leagues

Well done that girl!

And do her a favour Goose - buy her a Honda You know they are the best bikes by far

Nice one! yeah DA should be a walk in the park…

I finished the test and was a second away from crying only to find out i PASSSSSSSSSSED yea iPASSSSSSSS i only got 3 questions wrong I DID IT ok im off for a swift drink CUS I PASSSSSED yippppppppe now to do my DA Just incase you missed it I PASSSSSED I PASSED WOOOOPY I PASSED

Woo Hoo … you’re half way there

Congrats !

Nice one

wheres the keys to ma gixer ?

Nice one congrats.

well done Angel! Have you booked DAS yet?

yay !

shes gonna hire a 125 for a couple of weeks then book her DA

Nice one Angel…well done and good luck for the next stage

I THINK she passed peeps !!!

Well done you…and yet ANOTHER girlie !!! yay…

Gratz of course but… come on the theory test is piss easy! Anyone with seven quid can just buy the online theory test, and basically just repeat it until it comes back with no wrong answers. This way you can pass your DAS and not have read a single line of the Highway Code

Now, lets see her pass the practical test!! That’s the hairy wobbly bit. We need more of them wimmin with fast machines…

I’m sure she can pull it off though – just make sure you practice them U-turns… that’s what I failed on during my first attempt. If you need a practice bike, you can borrow mine, it doesn’t matter if it gets dropped, just replace any broken levers etc. before you give it back

Congrats Angel…Now do the rest and get on ya bike

Im still trying to work you out …ha ha…one min you come across a pratt with what you say, then you come across all nice and helpful…is it moi, or your german sense of humour that keeps messing me up?

I know the theory is not that difficult, but thats not the point here surely? The point is, here we have another possible biker, ready to have fun with us on rideouts etc, and not grab a ride??? off the ol man on his pillion…another girlie, at that…and we can only offer support and give her confidence a boost in that she has passed her FIRST part of her way on getting herself a bike and on the road…so…err…whats wrong in praising her, or anyone up for passing the theory, without trying to make it seem like its piss pot all and a no brainer could have done that!

Dunno must be me…excuse my stupidness

***** Edited in case original upset anyone ****** me and my choice of words eh???

i pretty much said the same thing to gina!! well done for passing it but lets get the practical done.

anyway congrats angel on passing the theory.

So its NOT a german sense of humour thing…its a bluddy MAN thing !!! Tsk…

OK so us girlies may get a buzz outa passing the theory ( i cant talk cos when i had my test we didnt have to DO a stupid theory test first…but still)…but can you MEN have a baby??? ner ner na ner ner…

Can you birds piss standing up…ner ner…Actually, depends on the alcohol consumption at the time…Furry waterfall

The point is, here we have another possible biker, ready to have fun with us on rideouts etc, and not ponce of the ol man on his pillion…

Blade WTF does that mean??? jus cos you take your bird pillion dont mean they are a ****in ponce some people actually like to take there missus out whever thats pillion or walking down the street maybe i took that comment the wrong, but thats a load of ****… fuksake its a community we go do **** together and have a laugh… didnt know pillions wasnt welcome???