AndyP rides to Beare Green (Friday 4th November 2011)

Yes it’s late notice, Andyp is riding to Beare Green on Friday 4th November meeting at Blackheath Tea hut at 12PM.

He would like as many of you to join him to visit the location of Martin Ackners fatal accident and lay

Flowers at the scene.

Is there a chance to meet up at Box Hill?

I’ll still be in Stockholm, so won’t be there; I’ll be past to lay some flowers at some other time.

You all be careful there though - there’s not really much place to park sensibly. I’d suggest maybe getting in touch with the local police and explaining to them what’s going to happen - get them to block the road off for a while (this is far more important than people getting places, I say that in all seriousness).

Jets - would certainly make sense to meet at Ryka’s, it’s on the way…


Work willing I will be there.

Work is willing. Anyone want to meet up in Westminster/Waterloo area to head over to the Tea Hut?

Hrm. I might be able to rearrange work to catch an earlier flight, landing at Heathrow at 12:50. My bike is parked at Heathrow. What time will you guys be likely to get to Beare Green if you meet at BH at noon?


this is not the memorial ride but it will take place at the same time as his funeral at 2pm on Friday
Leaving BLACKHEATH at 12pm getting to BOXHILL around 1pm

Just to update those not on facebook:D

See you at Blackheath just before 12

I can get off from work about 11,45, but will be in walthamstole, dont think i can get there on time, shame, id like to go

if there s a ride out going at another date im in,

We definitely won’t be able to make it on time - we did want to come.

Hi all

sorry been really busy and not had time to get on here,

ok we are leaving blackheath tea hut at midday and will be at boxhill at approx 1pm , i want to be laying the flowers at the same time as the funeral which is at 2pm and by looking at the map it is no more than 30 min away from box, so we should be able to leave box at 1.30pm.

jetstreams pm sent.

Hi Andy,

I’ve reorganised my flight to land at Heathrow at 12:50. I travel with hand luggage only and my bike is parked at the airport, so I’ll burst around the M25 as fast as I can to try and get to Box Hill by 1:30. Just in case I don’t make it to Ryka’s in time (I assume by Box Hill you mean Ryka’s Cafe right?), could you please PM me the actual address of the location? I’ve ridden past there with Julian, but I was just following and am not sure of the exact location.



I wish I could be there too, but my work is a bit :crazy: at the moment, so cannot get away at short notice. Will be thinking of you all and Martin at 2 pm

I’m working tomorrow which means I have to leave Dorking at 12:00. I asked work but no chance of getting the time off. I’m gutted as I live so close.

I am now planning to go direct from work to Box Hill. Will be there before 1pm.

Made it onto an even earlier flight (a seat opened up) so I’ll be at box hill before 1.

Do him proud guys, my thoughts will be with you guys also todayCrying

sorry i cant make it with you in spirit fella’s.

Yup ditto, with you in thought…

Damn, i only just saw this and am totally gutted I missed it. I really wanted to do this :frowning: