Android system webview update

Gmail and my banking apps won’t stay open on my phone and quickly crash upon opening.

The net says it’s as per the title but playstore has no update button for me.

What do you suggest I do? You’re a techy bunch!

hmm what phone and version of android? i assume its not rooted.

actually quick search says to remove the latest update

Go settings > apps > tap the three dots in the top right corner > show system apps > search for Android System WebView > select Uninstall updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

check if you need an update here.

if not uninstall updates as per previous post

Thanks. I’ll try again at 4ish, got to dig a hole now.

I’m not an Android user, but this advice is from a techy mate.

To clarify, if you’re having apps like Gmail etc crash randomly, you need to uninstall the most recent Android System Webview update.

If you can’t get into the store, just uninstall via Apps in System; It’ll revert back to the base version for whatever Android level you’re on.

Webview isn’t on my system apps anymore. Was there earlier. Perhaps I’ve deleted it? Either way, gmail still crashes.

When it was there, it didn’t offer me an opportunity to move back to an earlier iteration.

Is there a way to force an update across the board?

apparently google just updated webview - so click on that link and reinstall
see if that corrects it

That link tells me about it but doesn’t offer a way to update or install.

Sorry for the bother.

nope def thats the link… search in google play store for android system webview?

Further searching had me find an instruction to update google chrome which I have done with some success. Android system webview ins disabled on my phone and no option given to enable it.

Gmail is available to me again as are my banking apps. So all is well with the world!

Thanks for your help chaps.

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Funnily enough my mother suffered the same thing with a few of her apps crashing

The way she solved it is by going:

Settings > Apps > from the three dots choose 'show sytem apps > search list for androidsystem web view > uninstall updates.

Not sure if that might screw something else up… but that fixed it for her

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you mean like



Well it coming from a 70+ year old now gives it more gravitas it works. I wonder if she found this thread!