Android dashcams


I’ve noticed that the way I mount my phone as a satnav now means the camera’s basically looking at the road ahead and might as well record it in case I see one of these hilarious near-incidents that seem to be all the rage on youtube.

Does anyone use one? Aside from what I know I want it to do (use the SD card) is there anything it’s worth my looking out for? In my mind it’ll just always have the last 20mins or so ready to be written to card, and sit there in the background not in the way of my satnav.


it’ll destroy your battery life. you’re really better off buying a cheap camera seeing as they’re designed to do exactly what you need.


I’ve got a charger on the bike. I’m not going to buy a camera.


Will still kill the battery as it will be running v hot all the time.


I’ve tried to use my phone in a car as satnav and dascham at the same time. It was overheating within 30mins and would stop charging.


In case anyone’s wondering about the actual question, AutoBoy BlackBox seems the least-shit.