android apps

Just got a desire s, so much better than my ipoop3!!,:w00t:

So what apps should i get??

angry birds

angry birds seasons

I’ve just had a quick look through my app list and here are my most used I think … all of them free:

Air Control Lite - fun game where you draw the flight paths of planes to get them to land on different runways without crashing into each other

Alchemy - irritatingly addictive game - difficult to explain - get it though

Battery Indicator - tells you which apps are using how much juice

Doodle Bowling - bowling game

DroidStats - keeps track of how much data you’ve used/how many texts you’ve sent for your contract allowance

FxCamera - fun effects to play with

Grid Droid - addictive game

Light Racer - Tron game

Paper Toss - you probably had this on your iPhone - still addictive

Robo Defense - strategy game - build towers/kill monsters

Slice It - another addictive game

Urbanspoon - restaurant picker

Wordfeud Free - Scrabble online

did you steal my phone :P+1 for air control lite

Some games


Air Attack HD - If you’re old enough to remember Capcom’s classic 1942 then this a updated 3D like version. Nice.

Speed Forge - Like Wipeout on PlayStation


Guerilla Bob - Like Crash Bandicoot with guns :smiley:
Raging Thunder 2 - Like Sega’s old SCUD Race
Reckless Racing - Remember Super Sprint

Just got my missus a Desire S.

Apps? Jefit and FatSecret :smiley: well they are my most used anyway. Oh and Notes :stuck_out_tongue:

Jefit is awesome if you’re a Gym goer.

DropBox is invaluable for moving files from PC to phone and back, nice and easy. Here’s my affiliate link, would both get 250meg if you use it -

As a US TV show watcher (through torrents) I love TV Show Favs -

For Podcasts, BeyondPod has more features than anything else I’ve seen -

Then this is all run through Launcher Pro Plus. For me, the best launcher out there. Love the 15 scrollable icons (3 screens of 5) along the bottom and scrollable widges (Plus version only) -

Check my YouTube channel for a few more cool apps :slight_smile:

all free:

Advanced Task Killer - for killing unwanted apps

Amazon Kindle app

Alarm Clock Xtreme free


GPS Essentials

Whatsapp - free smartphone messages

OI File Manager

Tesla LED - torch app

Seekdroid - a phone location and remote locking app