Andrew Pitt website showing full supersport race including accident

Can you believe the producers of Andrew Pitt’s website have allowed the full supersport race from Sunday to be uploaded without one mention of Craig Jones. Fair enough, not Andrew’s fault and I do feel for him, but what sicko thought it would be appropriate to advertise his winning position (when technically the race should not count) and upload the damn video!!!

I doubt it was intentional. There was a long period of time between the crash and his passing and Pitt is Australian, so Im guessing there is a delay due to the time difference. Im not making excuses, just seeing that it may not be quite so clear cut. Maybe mail the webmaster if you feel it appropriate?!

What do you meant the position shouldn’t count? As per the rules, after a red flag, if a race is declared early, it goes back a lap from the flag, which is how the standings were determined.

Also, I doubt Andrew Pitt has anything to do with his website, it’s probably outsourced to some media company, who don’t know the details of what happened.

Besides, we all saw it on Eurosport, so what’s the difference? I think it’s too easy to read into a situation. Let things be, there’s a lot to comes to term with :frowning:

I did go to Andrew Pitt’s website yesterday to see if there was any mention of the fatal crash.

It seemed that the content was written straight after the race as it didn’t mention that Criag Jones had died, just that Andrew had mixed feelings achieving the result he did by default of Craig’s accident.

I think it will be updated in time and the video will most likely be taken down (at least at the point of the accident).

I’d like to think this was an oversight rather an a deliberate action.

Have you wondered how Andrew must be feeling right now?:crying:

Sorry guys but am i missing something here… you went to Andrew Pitts website for what reason, to read more about the accident? Did you not see it or are you just looking for more gory details?

Andrew i would imagine is beside himself after hearing what has happened and i’m sure he is going to find it hard to come to terms with.

I’m sure if you want to search the internet you will find lots of stuff regarding sunday if thats what you want, however as Jay said, let it go, emotions are running high and its best left alone.

Jonsey RIP chap and Andrew Pitt i hope you are able to get over this and move on.

Got to agree with you PJ - I think people may have gone on his site to see if there was a “formal” statement from his camp which I’m sure has been released…I really hope no one holds it agaisnt him, I hope he is coping with the incident and that he’s got the right people around him supporting him to get back on the bike…

Just put yourself in Andrew Pitt’s shoes for a minute, I am sure he is feeling awful right now. What is put on his website probably has nothing to do with him so give the poor guy a break!!

Perhaps we should wait and see if they are gonna make an apology or edit the film out of courtesy and respect. Its on you tube though.

Probably and oversight on there part, doubt anybody would add that sort of content deliberately

I saw the accident on few website (major italian newspaper report it together with the link of the video). In Italy loads of people are not happy to put this online; however most of them say that if they have to remove this accident, then they should remove all the fatal accident (such as villenue, senna etc.)


As i said, I do feel for Andrew Pitt and have no doubt whatsoever that he knows nothing about what does and does not go on his website, hence the wording “what sicko”. Someone put that on there with no thought nor pretence of the outcome of that accident. There was no need to put the clip on there, and the sames goes to whoever posted it on youtube!

Having been a very similar position to Andrew, I can imagine far to vividly what he is feeling and my thoughts go out to him. My comments are aimed towards the internet companies that design and update these websites charging companies a fortune for doing so.

And as for looking for more gory details, not that I need to explain myself, I went on to Andrew Pitt’s website to see if I could leave a message to say how sorry we all are for such an unfortunate accident to take the life of a good friend of his and to let him know that the British racing fans in their good minds would never hold anything against him.

I was told last night by a m8 that there are some reports flying about saying Andrew should/could have avoided CJ…whoever these people are need a slap. There was nothing he could have done and I think people should stop laying blame and support Andrew and CJ’s family and friends through this terrible time.

Racing incident. End of. That’s why you sign the lengthy disclaimers and why there are so many regulations. These people are ignorantly just the types to destroy the sport and ruin it for all of us.