Andalucia February 2010

I recently travelled to the South of Spain to ride the twisties on spyder club’s awesome sportsbikes. Flying into Malaga cut out the usual hassle of days on the motorway flattening tyres off. There were five blokes in all with 7 bikes to play with. Mark and Lizzy, who run the club, and had transported the bike fleet down, looked after us very well, and the routes they had planned from their earlier recce contained a challenging mix of tight turns and faster A-roads. The weather could have been better but it didn’t stop us pushing the bikes and ourselves as hard as we dared. The rain mode of the new BMW came in handy on day one, when I was introduced to her 193 BHP, but by day two the elctronics were set to “full fat”. The RSV4 Factory was particularly stunning to ride on faster sweepers. The moto guzzi grizzo was a revelation too.
I have ridden in Spain a number of times and the roads are the best I have come across. Get out their and sample them before the Guardia Civil (Spanish plod) becomes as draconian as ours; already in the last 6 years I have seen the rise of the speed bump over there.
The club’s planning a trip later in the year to Italy, I just hope I can schedule it in.

roadside snack on day one, note the size of the fresh puddle

view from the villa