and you thought the tube was bad

all aboard!!!

if TFL had the’re way;)…

and imagine that train crash…


Been there, done that when I was sent to Tokyo by Nokia for 3 months.

Makes the London tubes seem really empty, hated every minute of the journey to the lab

LOL Pan, that clip make entire office laugh :smiley:

Liverpool Street. 07:30 ?:D:D

Is that serious!!! I will never complain about the tube again! thats aweful, I couldn’t do that everyday!

do you think the opposite doors were open and they were just spilling out onto the tracks below ?:smiley:

Welcome to the Empire of the Rising Sun :w00t:

Feck me!!

I’ve been on the tube/DLR when it’s been rammed but that takes the biscuit!!

Mind you I don’t think they’d have to worry if they crashed, after all no one is going to move due to being so tightly packed in! :w00t:

+1. Just what I thought! :slight_smile: