And you thought big bikes weren't nimble...


Now that’s cool.

I dare say he never had any trouble with the u-turn or swerve test! :stuck_out_tongue:



Amazing! I wish I could ride like that.

Damn dude is good! Even with the dark visor it really illustrates what they kept hammering into me “look where you want the bike to go when doing the slow speed stuff”


that is very impressive.

would like to seem him do it in the wet too.

Beautiful - I bet he laughs in the face of crash bungs! :smiley:

er - just noticed that he does have crash bungs. Better to be safe than sorry etc. . . :hehe:

Those Japanese riders have amazing bike balance control.

Great skills!

crikey, hes so good it doesn’t look real at some points

I think I would get dizzy attempting that!!

jesus that was good

Mental mental mental

Woooo. I bet he is a courier

dont we all!! impressive stuff!