And we winge about car drivers on the phone

So I thought I had seen more or less every stupid act a biker could do but alas, last night I was proved very wrong…

I’m going along there is a scooter head towards me in the other direction, I look at him, one hand on the bars the other TEXTING someone!!!

If he had a death wish he was heading the right way thats for sure.

I saw a scooter rider with his mobile wedged into his lid chatting away merrily, hands free you see… Yesterday around Elephant and Castle roundabout.

yeh i saw a scooter rider tlking on the phone down the main road past hammersmith the other day
pretty stupid …

It is quite common to see riders of all types using phones jammed into the padding of their helmets in Battersea/Wandsworth.

About a year ago I overtook a little chav who was scooting along and texting.

Mr Sc00t, raise the sc00t-shields to maximum, there are bikers off the starboard bow! :slight_smile:

About 2 years ago I saw a courier on a 600 filtering in between the 2 lanes of stagnant traffic, fag in his right hand, texting on mobile in his left, palm resting occassionaly on the bars but generally steering with his knees…

This morning. Black cab driver reading metro wile making his way through the city.
People like that should be locked up before they kill somebody.