And Today's Muppet Is...

Mr Jamie Manderson of Swindon

here’s hoping that you drop the soap in the shower.


sorry but i think the muppet here is the justice system, it takes em 51 times b4 he gets a spell at her majesty’s pleasure? ffs.

if he didnt get awy with it so lightly b4 maybe there would not have been 51 times.

And it took 20yrs to reach this stage in the judicial system:Manderson was first banned from driving in 1988 at the age of 15.
He has never had a driving licence.
Maaaan… this takes the p1$$!!!:crazy:

I would be very suprised if he hasn’t been inside before, the report on the BBC doesn’t say he hasn’t got a custodial before, and in my (extensive) experience you’re lucky to get to your 3rd or 4th driving whilst disqualified before doing time. As he’s been sentenced to 8 months he will of course be out in 8 weeks and on a tag for a further 8 weeks, and no doubt he will be driving as soon as he is out…

ya prob right, john but obviously did not deter him.

when ya see the programs about this they get a £100 fine and extension on their ban when obviously the pr1cks dont care whether they have a licence or not.

My sentiments exactly! and how many times did that twat Pete Doherty shoot up before they finally lost patience! Amy Winehouse should be next - bloody awful role models.

They are all muppets: 1. The justice system in Swindon. 2. Mr Jamie Manderson. 3. Pete Doherty (I’m just waiting for him to OD) & 4. Amy Winehouse (who doesn’t know how lucky she is). Waste of space the lot of them

The problem with Pete & Amy is because they are famous they get away with it. How many drug users who get caught with large quantities of Heroin, Cocaine, LSD, and horse tranquillisers get no custodial sentences.

Prison is no longer a deterrent. Added to the mix no prison space so they get away with it. Labour really have a lot to answer for as this was a know problem ten years ago and they did nothing.

I agree and I doubt whether he’ll learn this time either… I could make you weep with some of the things I’ve witnessed in court over the years

I’m not sure what the answer is . . . these people are driving whilst disqualified but they get a longer period of disqualification as a result . . . what they need to do is to be put on a plan to make them legal. I’m not sure just banning them over again and then jailing them is going to work. I wonder how well that would go down ? :slight_smile:

Slarty - have a look at this - the video in the top right which also mentions him hitting a 12yr old boy whilst driving dangerously… Man that reporter must’ve been well chuffed he got that story!,30100-1313536,00.htmland some further details in extracts from Ross, defending Manderson, told the court: “He still has a problem with motor cars. He always will.”
In the past Mr Ross has said Manderson suffers from “a serious addiction to cars”.
Manderson has a record of more than 200 offences, including aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving in 2004 and 2005…
In November 2006, Manderson vowed to give up his bad driving habits. He told the Adver he was turning over a new leaf for his son Kaine, after spending 17 years of his life behind bars…
A decade ago he left a 12-year-old cyclist Matt McHugh for dead as he drove a robbery getaway car.

Still wanna help him become legal???

Not really, I did say I didn’t know if this was the answer :wink: I guess you either keep him locked up, pretty much for ever, or you teach him to behave and help him get legal and therefore do the right thing and have something he values which he could loose.What would you do and are you willing to pay for it ? :w00t::slight_smile:

I know what I wouldn’t do - walk up to him armed only with a microphone and get in his face about it all!!!:w00t: I guess the security guy for the news team must be half-decent, but he went straight for him asking ‘…you the biggest are ya???’

And the real insult? Eight months doesn’t mean eight months. It means about three most likely. Grr…