And the seas parted

Bit of a crazy commute this morning, running a bit late and the traffic was horendous. But, for about a mile/ mile and a half along the A13 this morning every car in the outside lane was jammed right against the right hand side of the lane leaving a lovely wide, safe feeling gap to filter through That is apart from one prat in an Escort who was so far over to the left he was obviously considering filtering himself - and the gap was that big he might almost have made it. But other than that I really did feel like Moses


Love it like that !!!

I had the same kind of thing running for a bus once, was in croydon, running like a mad man to make it and there must have been about 100 people between me and the bus, I shouted “comming through” and the people parted like the sea… it has not happened again since though…

I quite often find that the drivers on the A13 are a sociable bunch and stay out of the way, just a shame the fair weather bikers insist on crawling through at snails pace and not moving out of the way as well.

Had the same thing on the M25 yesterday then some silly twat opens the passenger door of a white van and a young lad jumps out Lucky for me it was far enough in front for me to brake and miss him, few more seconds and I would have been level with the door

I always find a burnout or wheelie is the best trick for parting vehicles or pedestrians