and so - the BMW Superbike...


I think it looks great… I just the build quality is ok…

(i’ve heard a few grumbles from folk with BMW about build quality…)

Looks awesome, just hope it lives up to the looks. Not sure about the weight though, if thats 190 dry, then it will be a fairly cumbersome beast…

More info here

don’t know about MCN but BMW have normally quoted “wet weights” and that makes it a whopperburger heavier than a 2003 GSXR1000, also “cumbersome” is an interesting word for a 190BHP sportsbike, guess it will need NOX to pep it up :P:P

It really does look the nuts , but it aint gona come cheap:(

rumours say 10 grand ( reckon it’ll be 14) and won’t be available to buy till 2010

I’d have one though :cool: