...And it's going to a be a hot weekend all over the UK! [22-23rd]

…For the first time in my entire life it looks as if this weekend is going to be a scorcher! That means it’s time to sweat and get riding.

Is anyone planning any ride-outs this weekend from London (Z1-4 outwards)?

I’m mighty tempted to take that London>Brighton A road “L-plate warrior” run if I can get my GPS charger installed - anyone fancy it?

Keep checking the ride-out section.:slight_smile:

Get your money out and get yourself on this :http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic681542-52-1.aspx:slight_smile:

Ack, how’d I miss that. I’ll have to see where everyone is meeting - my sense of direction is terrible and my GPS is somewhat, err, “special”.

Looks like the exact run I was going to do though. Wont that being going via the motorways?

[edit] Awh dam, it looks like that’s in far east london (I’m west). It would be as far to go there as it would be to go direct to brighton

Get yourself to the ace or im leaving streatham at 9:30am

That’s not a bad idea, the ACE is just up the road from me (10-15 minute ride).