And how was your ride in ....?

Depending on who your pillion is … some may end up with an ear to ear grin … LOL

lol funny!!!

ugh - the ride back was awful - seems everyone’s brain was transplanted today…ffs

I walked from the kitchen to the workshop.
I tripped on the carpet.

That was a pretty eventful ride in, glad you’re alive to tell the tale!
There are a lot of ignorant drivers out there who just move about the roads in their own little bubble completely oblivious of their surroundings.
I had an unpleasant trip home, partially due to some tossed drivers but mostly it was my fault, I admit I wasn’t riding normally today and had some close calls which were entirely my own doing…:sweat:

@hogtrumpet - rofl
@slan - i’ve been there!

I crashed today on the A30. Instead of coming to my assistance, people started beeping their horns at me. When I did manage to manhandle it on to the verge next to Heathrow, a cyclist came by and told me I was in his way! On a mountain bike!

wtf! hope you’re ok

Are you ok yourebarred? I hope the damage to yourself and the bike wasn’t too bad.

When I saw a biker knocked off, I was the only biker who pulled over to help. Sorry, but most Londoners are shite when it comes to helping out a fellow human being in need.
I really hope you’re ok yourebarred, keep us updated <3

Trip home was niceeeeeee … sat behind a rather nice looking lass on an Aprilla with VERY tight leathers on. She was obviously cold if you know what I mean … :slight_smile:

Got home, kick stand down, through me leg over, caught my foot on the rear bag, ended up on me backside … WHAT WAS IT ABOUT YESTERDAY !!!

LOL! Well clouds and silver linings and all that IanWilliamson, it wasn’t a totally bad day haha!

One can dream Ruth … one can dream !!!