And his helmet comes off!

The pain!

They’ve got Nakano’s 200+mph crash on there. I remember seeing that at the time and they just took his helmet off willy nilly. Nutters, but get me some of the Arlen Ness Leathers, almost no scratch on them.

I’ve come off in my Dainese suit a few times at speed. Couldn’t imagine doing it at 200mph though. As for not doing your lid up… well, I think we’ve all done it accidentally, no? I have.

That could have been nasty.

His oppo did well not to “fixate” and avoid him!

Lucky bloke.

… i can relate. i done that on my first attempt of my bike test … i failed miserablly

Wow…just WOW. shudder

Target fixation is a bad, BAD thing…Sad to see him stack it like that…It look like he should have been able to handle that corner with no troubles if not for the panic induced staring at the “wrong” side of the corner. His friend did a great job of not fixating on him and giving him a running over to boot.

You’d be suprised at the number of ‘done up’ helmets that come off in accidents, happened to the brother in law of a guy i used to share a house with, he died.

I bet that at least 10-20% of people on this list could put their helmet on now as normal & pull the neck strap over the front of their chin quite easily, now imagine how easy it could happen using the sort of force experienced in an accident.

Wow, that corner didn’t seem to tight.

At which point did it start to go wrong?

I can’t really tell…He tries to tighten up the steering, but it doesn’t even look like that is necessary.

I think he did it cos the road looks like it is tightening up at first.

Poor guy…I’ve so far managed to avoid an accident like that although I’ve made errors and drifted to the wrong side of the road before.

Was he ok?

I remember seeing this one a year ago or so ago. It was one of the guys from the MCN Ninjas Forum site. The helmet was the type which has the push together seatbelt type fastening. I’m sure the guy was ok just had a headache.

I like that site, just posted another one from there.

Fit a steering damper and make sure that when the front wheel comes down, it is as straight and inline with the rear as much as possible.

That’s the theory anyway…Can’t do very long wheelies myself.