and hes off!

didnt expect that! :w00t:

Would not have expected that :wink:

with great power come great irresponsibility :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


… and theyre fugly :smiley:

oops. I wonder how he got that so wrong? :crazy:

Just look who on here rides them, that will give you a clue.:smiley:


What a twat!

Also dont know why the other bloke just rode off??! I would have gone mental!.. and probably fallen off too :blush:

what an idiot

Cant believe the other guy did not stop!

+1! Raaarr!!! “whathebloodyhelldythinkyerdoin’!” :w00t:

a quick burnout b4 the lights changed and that wouldn`t have happened :stuck_out_tongue: