and finally....'Hello'

Hi everyone

I met a few of you at a Brands Hatch track evening a couple of months ago (I see that Highside has found his way on here and I was on the other black and white race Hornet)

I’ve had a good look around but thought it best to finally register and say hello.

Apart from the 2 Hornets I also own a VFR800VTEC and a 1983 GSX1100 Katana, so the garage is a bit crowded!

I race with New Era MCC in the Hornet Cup (pretty obvious really) and am currently 5th in the SuperClub championship and 2nd in Club.

Also, I downloaded the podcast and listened to while I was flying longhaul to Chicago (where I am now with time to spare to get this done). Congratulations on an excellent Podcast, I’m hooked on that.

Hopefully then I shall be seeing some of you on track or at a nice biking hotspot soon!


Hiya and welcome to LB

poke poke with our newbie stick…



Hey Paul, welcome to LB! Post up some pics of your rides in the Pictures & Video forum, why not!

Hi Paul, welcome to the site

Thanks everyone

I’ve just purchased a new ‘bullet’ camera that I hope to be able to attach to the race bike without the scroots having a problem with it so I’ll be able to post up some video footage to give people an idea of the amazing fun/terror that is Hornet racing.

Welcome to LB mate. Looking forward to seeing some footage.

hey edith welcome to lb, hope to see you at the cubana sometime!.

Welcome to LB

I’m in 2 minds whether to reply to that

My initials are PF so I was given the nickname ‘Edith’ many years ago by some cultured so-and-so…

Edith PF, geddit?

All I can remember is René from the TV comedy Allo Allo shouting “Ediss, Eeeediss” at his wife!

oh, and welcome Paul!

Pull up a seat and enjoy Paul welcome to LB watch out for the poking

poke poke

hello to you and welcome to the mad house…x

I never went to see her play live, but I’ve been told she could sing a bit

As for me…

Live out west, the Chertsey area

Garage contains

VFR 800 vtec - love the vtec bit, nice wheelies at 7000 rpm . Done 18000 miles in 3 years, over half of them in France and Spain. Needs a new clutch and fork seals and a damn good wash.

GSX1100 Katana - 1983 vintage, all original (wears a Harris 4 into 1 but I have the standard pipes). For sunday trips to Boxhill and the Ace cafe.

2 x racing Hornets - pretty much identical - one has racing Bridgestone wets and an Ohlins the other has Bridgestone BT002s and a Nitron shock. Since I started racing last year everything I do kinda revolves around it - kinda takes over your life

So when you add the car, the missus’ car, the motorhome, the trailer and the mountain bikes up, that makes 30 wheels

“Needs a new clutch and fork seals”

hummmm i wonder why that is?

welcome to Lb.