and another thing...

Newcastle are going to spank Chelsea tonight

lol ! No comments

Trust me! Hozay will be submitting his CV to Fat Freddy after tonights game

I’m brazilian mate I only discuss superior football! lol

Sorry… We shall see what’s going to happen… it’s a lottery up to the end of the 90 min

you really think so?

I don’t care who wins tonight, cause the name on the cup is WEST HAM!!!

Too true, Cezar! Brazil rocks!

Repeat to self : I must not do drugs before posting 100x

Not worried by tonights result.

West Ham may well have to get past Liverpool on their way to the cup, after last nights trouncing of Birmingham by them I am afraid I wouldn’t be holding out a lot of hope for West Ham.

I don’t care who wins tonight, coz football is rubbish!

When this nonsense is on, I’ll be up the Ace!

who’s “Ace,” is he a big lad?

I thought this was a a biker site, who wants to know about football.

Rugby is far superior.

Oi, clear orff.

we dont do football here, this is a bikers website forum thingy.

go get your own friends.

LOL…Quality !!!

No, she’s a petite blonde girl … don’t you know anything?!!

Well as a Geordie, I feel I must wade in here in Popeye’s support. And since I have my Moderator-Man suit on now (wolfwhistle) you’d be wise not to argue or point out the shambles of a defense headed by the incomparable Boumsong, a clown who until the weekend I was confident couldn’t be anymore s**t than he has been all season.

I hoping for 2-1 for the toon.

What’s all this footy talk, when it comes to sport, if it hasn’t got a engine I’m not interested!

Beautiful game my arse!

Hmmm well there we go. How wrong (not matter how predicably) can I be.




I think that’s enough