and another newbie !!!!!

hello dere as u no im a newbie !!!

so ive been warned bout to trouble makers in the mist which r terry motto and tug-boat ? as well as GSXRessurecter !!! watch out here i come !!!

You’re right about them lot

Welcome aboard

Who me? Don’t worry… will slip into anonynimity once the surgery’s complete…

Good to see you’re on LB Sir…


Hey Swill, welcome aboard Feel free to post up snaps of your ride…

Hey me old sparring partner

Welcome to LB Geez

That name is so fitting

aye up swill a big welcome from me

welcome aboard me old fruitbat!

welcome to the site

Hi and welcome aboard.


Hello and welcome…

loving the name Swill! Welcome to the site - you’re right about tug :slight_smile:


hi swill,still got that imitation sports harley, welcome to lb,newbie

Welcome to LB