...and another new girlie enters the scene!!


Yes, another girlie biker… just passed my test in March …first time on a 5DAS!!..now am now a proud owner of a Kawasaki ER 6F …vvvvvrrrrrmmmmmm - nice bike as a first timer…and I love this biking freedom thing (probably as it reminds me of escaping on time with horses). Originally from Harrogate area (I know, nice biking country in the Yorkshire Dales)… now working in the city.

Keen to meet up on some rides to get the miles in… and to meet you all. Was dragged to BM two weeks ago (thank you Via Macniven for that ‘fledgling’ reference)… so guess I will show up there from time to time as it’s just around the corner from city work and Wapping flat.

Keen to venture across the channel or discover the south coast a little bit more

Catch yas

Hello and welcome

hi there, and welcome!!, good to see that you made our meet at bm on wednesdays. Hope to see you soon!!

Hi there ,welcome from another newcomer like yourself. My brother used to live in Harrogate,had many a good night drinking around Knaresborough.

helloo and welcome huny!!!

Hi!!I’m new too…and might already be changing my username, just in case I happen to change my bike one day…!!Hopefully see you around soon!

hi and welcome to LB

Hey sweet_essence, welcome to LB, and biking! See you at BMM next week!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello there!

Welcome aboard…

Lots going on this Summer and theres bound to be a few Roques sneaking over the pond to France !!

Cool …just woken up …gorgeous day outside… thank you all so far for the warm welcome!

Hiya and welcome to LB.

hi & big welcome

Hi there, always good to have more girlies on the site.

Welcome to LB.

Hi there from a fellow northerner and welcome. See you down the market sometime

Us Northerners are taking over

Welcome to LB ! I work just off Wapping Lane is your flat in the large block facing onto The Highway or further toward the river ?

Have fun !

Hi, welcome to LB

Welcome to the jungle, We’ve got fun ‘n’ games
We got everything you want, Honey, we know the names
We are the people that can find, Whatever you may need
If you got the money, honey, We got your disease

Welcome to LB, Another Girlie Yeah!