vid i made over 7 mths ago now…first time ive put it up anywhere as i forgot about it…lol…

anyways…av a gander;).and like always…criticize as im still always learning…lol

no offense taken



I like it! not lookin too shabby at all

what software did u use?

You miss spelt Londonbikers at the begining you twot.

I’m loving it:D

Them puddles made me sweat though;):D:D

cool vid but +1 on the Londonbikers spelling :smiley:

lol…i did notice the spelling mistake when i uploaded it…hehe…i did mention it underneath the vid and was too lazy to fix it…:D.

thanks for the support peeps…means alot to me that does…;).


thats cool :slight_smile:
u take the photos at the airport?

I like it Shane, good work matey. :smiley:

Now as for those spelling mistakes, no one appears to have noticed you also spelt ‘freinds’ and ‘boomarang’ wrong!! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it means you’re not the only illiterate one on here, they should be spelt ‘friends’ and ‘boomerang’ just for the record… :wink:

who is that hot chick in the middle of video ?

looks good tho :smiley:

Well cool how the hell do you do that ?

nice one shane:D

My favourite Smiled Production is the montage you did on Youtube.I will try and find it:cool:FOUND IT!!!:smiley: :cool: